Thursday, December 18, 2008

This childhood town of mine is barely recognizable through the bruises of construction and progress.  What was once was a sleepy town with little more than a grocery store and few gas stations has somehow transformed into a ramshackle boomtown.  New Caney was never a pretty place, and while it has accumulated more development, it is substantially more unpleasant to look at.  Just one stroll through the local Wal-Mart, one can experience the variety of local "characters".  At least my parent's neighborhood has retained its isolation from the creeping sprawl.  

But being home is always nice.  Although, it certainly doesn't feel like all the Christmases I have had in the past.  I think its going to be the first time that all of the children will not together to celebrate.  I honestly miss the excitement for Christmas when I was a child.  Memories of dark, cold nights, illuminated by the glow of thousands of colored lights strung from house to house.  The way the Christmas tree fills the living room with that mystical light and wonderful scent; and how the cats always make their homes in the branches.   Ah nostalgia!  

Monday, December 8, 2008

Tacky sweaters galore

Its tacky, 80's sweater central at my local Goodwill.  These babies are perfect for the mild winter weather; warm enough for outside, but you won't be sweating your balls off indoors.  Im kinda proud of those sunglasses.  They were lying in the 45 cent bin at the thrift store with its arm detached.  The little screw that held the arm together was at the bottom of the bin, a true miracle that I was able to find it and reattach it to the glasses.  The pants were purchased at the Buffalo Exchange for 15 bucks.  They are a little lighter in color than I usually go for, but it is so hard to find skinnies that really fit me I couldn't pass these up!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

My my my, how I have let the dust settle.

It is time to pick my things back up and return to my quiet little lot.  I swept up the dregs where you have been, straightened the sheets and smoothed the sofa where we have been in repose for the past three weeks.  These rooms feel so still.  Even the cat lays on the windowsill, looking for your funny face.  After nearly two years you would think that the departure would get easier. Even though I know what emotions to expect, the tears always find their way to my eyes.  I know you think you look silly in this photo of us, but I love your half-open mouth and hand-in-pocket pose. 

On the topic of this blog. I have decided not to make it private. I have nothing to hide.  Whoever wishes to read my little corner of the internets is welcome to.  And sorry for neglecting to keep this that I have the time to be alone, Im sure I'll keep this thing up-to-date.