Wednesday, July 30, 2008

First off, please excuse the crappy Mac-book quality photos. I am still out of a camera...But hope is on the horizon still! I spotted a new Canon XSI for about 650 bucks. And thats the whole outfit! So, in the near future I will be back to my old snap-happy self.

Today's number was influenced by my last post about boho, 70's garb. The cotton smock was one of the goodies I found at the Galveston vintage shop. Not sure how much it set me back...couldn't have been more than five bucks. The shorts are the same Express high waisted pair that I have been wearing endlessly. I found the tiny bag at my local thrift store. It's an authentic leather, Yves Saint Laurent! I think I bought it for a nickel, or some ridiculously low price.

While I'm on the subject, what do you think is an acceptable price range for your typical vintage clothing and accessories? Searching for cheap vintage fashion on Ebay has become next to impossible. All of the "good stores" feature beautiful little beatniks sporting their wares with impeccable accessories. Now, I understand that these vendors are actually trying to make profit...hell, I would LOVE to do what they are doing...but how much is too much for vintage? Looking at Momma Stone, or any of the other bigger names, I see things going for over 100 dollars! What the hell?! Doesn't the idea of cheap prices and thrifted clothing go hand-in-hand? (that is, excluding items that are designer) I guess at the end of the day, people will pay whatever they can afford...even if it is old, used, and possibly stained.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lately the 70's have been my source for inspiration.  This style is much more appropriate in the Southwest heat than the double knit, non breathing, polyester jumpers that I have been collecting.  Note to self: purchase some denim shorts and floppy hat.

Speaking of incredible heat...this weekend I have been holed up in a hotel room with my family in Galveston, Texas for yet another family reunion.  This place is where the ocean goes to die.  Possibly one of the most nauseating beaches in America; red seaweed strewn across the brown-watered shore line. But despite the nastiness of the beach itself, there is still something very unique about Galveston. Its the oldest city in Texas, and one of the few that is still has its old architecture. There is this strange mixture of victorian architecture, mexican culture, tacky beach shops, and massive oil derricks.

Today my mom, sister-in-law and I scored BIG TIME at this vintage clothing shop. I walked out with about eight items and five scarves for fifty bucks! Suhweet! Hopefully I will be able to borrow my mom's camera and snap a few before I head back home. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I bid thee adieu

First day home from my expedition in Los Angeles. All of this travel and jet lag makes me want to wear something low key. The skirt was found at this amazing vintage store on Melrose. I think it cost me like twelve bucks. I could of spent the entire time there, rummaging through the racks like a child lost in the mall. Thank god I have a boyfriend who actually enjoys shopping with did I ever manage to score that? Im proud that my Chuck Taylors are finally starting to get dingy. 2 straight days of hiking on the beach and rock climbing do the trick.

I got a call from the university today demanding their camera back. I have had it on loan for two and a half years now...he has been my third, mechanical eye! Oh how I will miss thee! So, this means until I get my hands on a new camera I won't be able to post anything in Wardrobe Remix. Yes, I know..its a freaking TRAGEDY. Sigh...ah well...I guess this could mark a new beginning for me. That is, actually OWNING my digital equipment.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Home is where the cat is.

I love flying at night. From thirty thousand feet in the air the world looks like tiny islands of orange and green lights, separated by an expansive ocean of darkness.

Home again, for now. Who knows where my wanderlust will lead me next. Paris? Egypt? Singapore? Houston? Yes, most likely Houston... unfortunately.

Monday, July 7, 2008

late nite rubbish

Its late. Im up. You are asleep. The world is spread between us, but our minds are linked together by an electrical cord. I'll plug it into your ear and listen to your thoughts, and you can listen in on mine.

I found the most amazing antique mall today in my town. Chock full of mid-century modern and early 50's furniture. Makes me all the more eager to drag my stuff out the door and put "for sale" on it. Though, I would feel bad...the furniture I have now is pretty new and still good...its just not my taste. I walked out the store with a dish for my jewelry, a necklace, pair of earrings and a gift for my mother.

This is possibly one of the first vintage dressed that I have purchased. It is my boyfriends favorite dress...I remember his reaction when I first wore it for him in Montreal last summer. The owner of one of the antique stores stopped me and complimented me on my outfit. She later went on to say how her daughter was always buying vintage clothing and making dresses from vintage patterns. I wish I had the patience to sew...I have tried before, but I am too quick to throw my hands in the air.

If you ever get the chance to, stand in a room full of ticking clocks with your eyes shut. It will feel as if you are inside some large, wooden machine.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Today's little number is slightly naughty in the best of ways. I don't usually go for so many hues of the same color, but it seems to work for this.

Just another day slipping by. Filling empty moments with mildly entertaining tasks broken up by a trip to the gym and later Target. Los Angeles and a boy friend are only days away, though I won't feel excited until I am actually in his arms and under the californian sun.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Looking through my Wardrobe Remix account today, I confirmed something that I had always been suspicious about. When it comes to my taste in clothing, I am consistently inconsistent. I have cycled and recycled through so many fads and eras that it would appear as if I am some sort of fashion-schizophrenic. I just can't help it! I love clothing and I don't want to close myself off to any style. I think my undulating taste for style keeps me lets me leave behind some silly trends, and revisit them with a more disciplined eye. Lately I have definitely been feeling the more 70's bohemian vibe. Maybe its due to my recent taste in music or perhaps the prolonged exposure to my beautiful hippy friends.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fleet Foxes

Last night I trekked out to downtown Dallas for the Fleet Foxes with a couple of my girly friends in-tow. Initially it was going to be a date with just Twinkle and I, but Tatiana and Carly needed a good way to spend their days off. Im glad that I could deliver. Well, Fleet Foxes were positively amazing. They sounded just as ethereal live as they do on their records. Lead singer Robin's voice filled every secret place in the room. The band was also genuine and wholly gracious. One could get the sense that they were truly happy to be there, playing just for us. Neither Tat nor Carly had heard of them before, but by the end of the night they were both clamoring for the CD. Funny story: Carly was headed outside for a smoke, when she realized she didn't have a lighter. So, she asked a man walking past her for a light. He handed her a lighter and told her she could keep it. It wasn't until Fleet Foxes got on stage that she realized it was Robin, the lead. As shitty as cigarettes are, they have been the most effective luck charm that I have ever known.

Unfortunaly, I didn't take any pictures during the I recreated the outfit that I wore to the show through the magic of Polyvore. This is (more or less) the outfit of the evening. *Hint* never wear a grey shirt in the heat. I had pit stains ALL freaking day.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

On the subject of dragons and unicorns

This weekend was spent with the always welcomed company of my mother. She and I went to my sister-in-law's baby shower and then spent the rest of our time together indulging in vintage stores and gourmet sandwiches. She and I have, in a sense, rediscovered each other...letting me in on a hilarious anticdote about my father and a heaven-sent marijuana joint. As usual, she has spoiled me with a whole bounty of new items. Whee! Let me show them to you!

The owl, tea set was actually purchased from ebay.  The poor little sugar pot was broken, but I mended him back together.  Recently all things owl have been one of my (many) obsessions.

A vintage Better Homes and Gardening decorating guide from 1959.  It was my grandmother's and given to my mother.  Now it stays with me.  I absolutely love mid century modern.  The book is a treasure trove of some wonderful examples of  the era, along with some wonderfully horrible prints and wallpapers.  

I know I have seen the same cups at Urban Outfitters for about three dollars a piece. I found this entire set at the antique mall for much less. Plus, they are the real macoy!

Lastly, I have picked up some old books that have been hanging around my bookshelves like rejected step-children. The Natural History of Dragons and Unicorns was a gift from an old friend. Interesting, the flight patterns and mating rituals of dragons. Learned that they are not descendants of the dinosaur, but an entire species of their own. Interesting.