Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fleet Foxes

Last night I trekked out to downtown Dallas for the Fleet Foxes with a couple of my girly friends in-tow. Initially it was going to be a date with just Twinkle and I, but Tatiana and Carly needed a good way to spend their days off. Im glad that I could deliver. Well, Fleet Foxes were positively amazing. They sounded just as ethereal live as they do on their records. Lead singer Robin's voice filled every secret place in the room. The band was also genuine and wholly gracious. One could get the sense that they were truly happy to be there, playing just for us. Neither Tat nor Carly had heard of them before, but by the end of the night they were both clamoring for the CD. Funny story: Carly was headed outside for a smoke, when she realized she didn't have a lighter. So, she asked a man walking past her for a light. He handed her a lighter and told her she could keep it. It wasn't until Fleet Foxes got on stage that she realized it was Robin, the lead. As shitty as cigarettes are, they have been the most effective luck charm that I have ever known.

Unfortunaly, I didn't take any pictures during the I recreated the outfit that I wore to the show through the magic of Polyvore. This is (more or less) the outfit of the evening. *Hint* never wear a grey shirt in the heat. I had pit stains ALL freaking day.

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