Friday, October 31, 2008

Alone at work

John took this photo of be before the portrait session in a park near his vanilla house.

As this is being type, I am sitting here alone in my boss's kitchen preparing to edit a photo-session we completed yesterday evening. Its just me, three grey hounds and a bowl full of pretzel sticks. I am resisting every urge to bust into his pantry and steal from the bag of fun-sized Halloween candies that he has been slowly working through. Yes, my life is THAT glamorous. Jealous?

Dear God its Halloween! Im confident that the night will provide me with plenty of interesting events and fun. Not sure if my costume is really up to par, but it is too late to back out now. The wig isn't quite right...ah well, everyone will be too drunk to really care.

Last Wednesday I went with Tatiana to get a black-and-white portrait of Salvidor Dali tattooed on her inner arm. She held my hand as the artists drilled the ink just below her armpit. She squirmed in her chair, yet managed to get through the ordeal dry-eyed. Braver than I for sure.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Soldier Jane

My photography professor has been out of order for almost two weeks now.  If I were any other punk-ass student I'd be happy...but it makes everyone upset that he has been so sick.  He is one of those professors that feels like your hippy uncle.  I certainly miss going to class seeing as how I pretty much have nothing else to do (well, I COULD be working on my projects...but the severe lack of a D-SLR is my excuse).  

A few fun factoids about me/my life

1.  I can't touch raw chicken. Its diseased.
2. My Alternative Processing professor looks like Bret McKinzey from Flight of the Concords
3.  People say my boyfriend looks a bit like Jemain from Flight of the Concords.  So, between my professor and boyfriend I have almost the entire cast playing out their lives before me.
4.  I probably own about 50 pairs of shoe.  Half of which are brown leather boots.
5.  I never get angry with my friends in the hopes that they will never nail me for being a flake sometimes.
6.  I'm double jointed in my elbows and can vibrate my eyeballs.
7.  I can't remember people's name for shit, so I just make up names for them and continue to call them that well after they have corrected me. Actually, that is something my dad does. Guess I can't fight genetics.  
8.  This sweater feels like its made of dog hair...that is probably why I found it at the thrift store for 2 dollars.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Oh how things change.


Life has gotten way more interesting for this blog.  Something inside me gave me the permission to go out and make new friends...I guess I was growing weary of waiting around for people to call me.  I never knew that this town held so many characters.  

Getting to know the boys of Denton a little better, they are actually not as bad as I initially thought.  The entire crew is adorable with their skinny jeans and coordinating mustaches.  Speaking of mustaches, I don't know why I find myself liking them so much.  They tend to fall in that same ironic category of fashion as wolf t-shirts and Members Only jackets.  But, I can be the bigger person and admit that I think its cute.

The other day Tat, her boyfriend, and their roommate Travis, and I did some heavy thrifting.  I pretty much bought my entire fall wardrobe and a piece of my Halloween costume (hint, it involves a *fake* mink coat).  Im wearing one of the oversized cardigans in the pics...

Oh and I saw The Virgin Suicides for the first time...don't judge, I don't ever buy movies.

Friday, October 17, 2008

The world has got me dizzy again

Too much drinking and playing darts with buddies.  Meeting friends of friends of friends. Telling everyone that I'm a photo major and its true that Lou Reed DOES know.  Full of smiles and silly hijinks, I think Albert and Jeff beat us at darts, but I'm surprisingly good for a novice.  Jacob says I have natural aim.  Sitting down after our defeat, talking politics to Albert.  I get the distinct impression that he thinks he knows more than he actually does.   Its alright, I don't really like him to start with...he seems arrogant.  Looking over my shoulder I see Brian and his roommate at the bar.  Surprised to see him there I rush up and give him a wallop on the shoulder.  Probably shouldn't have had that fifth beer.  He is wearing that Aerie Yearbook shirt from two years ago. Nerd.  Funny thing happen between Then and Now.  Tatiana calls, I tell her where I am and she says she is going to bed.  I hope she isn't upset with me.  She doesn't know how much I worry about offending her, I can't always treat her like my sister.  Something something, now we are all on the roof patio taking pictures with Brian.  Something something, Jacob and I happen to be dressed similarly.  Hunger hits and we are suddenly at Taco Cabana downing some flautas and chips.  Some stranger called me rude, and we don't why.  Whats next?  Watching Youtube videos of Disney movies, of course.  How come I am the only one who doesn't remember every word to these songs?  The Jungle Book is actually pretty racists.  And and I though you were talking about CELINE Dion, I didn't hear you say Selina.  Yeah yeah, biddy-biddy bom-bom, I remember that one. 

Do I remember listening to E.L.O that night? I think so.   

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Yesterday I pulled my bike out of the repair shop.  For some reason, that place and the people in it make me feel strangely uncomfortable.  Its like they can sense that I really don't know the first thing about bikes or bike maintenance.  I was even a little apprehensive to tell them which bike was mine because I was afraid that I might be pronouncing Motob├ęcane incorrectly.  

After getting her home, I took the time to wipe her down with a rag and make her feel all pretty and special.  The 20 years of dust left this greenish veneer over her silver frame.  A little bit of elbow grease and alot of window cleaner did the trick. Now she was just begging to be shown off at the dance!  I think the bike gods had been pleased with what I had done, because the weather cleared up just long enough for me to take her out for a spin around the park.  Suddenly the child-like glee of riding over puddles and wind rushing in my face overtook me.  I wanted to ride her all the way back to my parents home.  Ride it down to the lake and feed the ducks or ride into the back of the neighborhood where my sister and I built our forts.

 Perhaps next time I visit grandpa Mose he can show me how keep her in tip-top.  I think he would be happy to see that I have given the bike a second life.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A list? Lets.

1. Put my vintage Motobecane bike in the shop today. Tomorrow it will be ready to ride...hopefully I can work up enough courage to ride into town

2.  I saw the the most frustrating commercial, ever. It was a KFC advertisement demonstrating how this cute little family couldn't POSSIBLY cook fried chicken for under 10 dollars.  In 20 seconds it affirmed to Americans that they are incapable of cooking and should just buy a bunch of greasy, fried chicken.

3.  "House" is painfully predictable.

4.  As of late, I have had a strange return to Myspace.

5.  Today has been so slow, that I am actually struggling to come up with anything else worth listing.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

In times such as these it feels as if we are all a bit short sighted, times when our plans and motives may seem a bit suspect to outward onlookers. They interject into our world with their seemingly important "insight" and tell us how they think we should carry on about our lives.  This isn't about them and they should understand that their knowledge is limited by their outsider status.  Please, give us room to wiggle and allow us our infinitely imperfect humanity.  

Monday, October 6, 2008

I've got 30 minuets till class

This blog as quickly become yet another shrine to my vanity. I honestly did not want it to go in that direction...I'll still blame it on the fact I don't have a digital camera. Fair enough. Anyways, the boots were found at the local thrift store for 4 bucks. Im actually surprised I was capable of spotting them after downing my third bottle of wine with some friends. Tis the simple pleasures in life...

I get the feeling this town will never grow old. Maybe somehow I can bottle up the magic I have felt here the past couple of days and sell it on the black market.

On a side note, its interesting how two very like-minded people can see the same thing so differently. Both of these photos showcase Montreal walls. Somehow I think it describes the both of us as a whole.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Looking a bit like a ragamuffin today. I've decide to let my hair just do its own damn thing. These cut-offs are pretty horrible, but the fun kinda horrible that everyone secretly likes. Like Sarah Palin. Speaking of which, the debate was far less of a car wreck than I was hoping for. Although, I will never forgive Palin for WINKING at the camera and her abuse of the word "nuclear".

The future has gotten me worried and its incredibly frustrating that I don't entirely understand the situation. But I guess keeping people in the dark has been the agenda for Washington for a while now. Unfortunately I don't think either candidate really has the best interests of America in mind.