Thursday, August 27, 2009

When I think about those grown over alleys and spiral staircases, I feel my heart pitter-patter. There are times that I cannot believe that I will inherit such an amazing city...all to myself! No more waving goodbye from the elevated seat of an airplane or "last night" excursions through the slanted streets. I have to keep my mind focused on these wonderful treasures or else I start to dwell on all the investments that I'm leaving behind here. Sometimes its hard to believe that I will be doing all these "adult" things all at once...with one felled swoop I'll be moving to another country, becoming a citizen, and becoming a wife to a spectacular man. I'll be the first amongst all my friends to leave. Maybe I can pave the way, show them that humble beginnings can lead to a greater elsewhere. Wherever they find their elsewhere to be.

One month and everything is new again.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Blown to smithereens.

The other day my friend Miss Jamé McCraw brought the movie, "Smithereens" to my attention. It was shot in the early 80's and the protagonist, Wren, is this young punk girl who tears through the gritty streets of New York in her red Chuck Tailors hellbent on starting her own band by rubbing elbows with other punk rockers, hoping to siphon some of their glory unto herself. Its like a sad yet cute love story for skeezy punkers.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Scissor Tail is on fiiiire

Hey there dudes and dudettes (well, I guess mostly dudettes). I restocked ScissorTail Vintage with some really wonderful items, lots of great shoes and dresses. Just take a little clicky-click on my Etsy link over there on the right!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I take it all back. I know I'll never feel the same about a place or about the people I'm around. It sometimes feels like Im stuck in one of those teen-coming-of-age movies that involve an impeccable soundtrack and quirky characters that move the plot in a familiar direction. I usually tend to feel that the atmosphere created in those kinds of movies is too unrealistic, but then again, I remember music videos like this that seem to capture everything it means to be where I am.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Its been too long since I have been in the thrift stores! It's good to be back, looking for goodies to put up for sale. I found some pretty amazing stuff the past couple of days and will keep updating the shop. Here are some items that I just recently listed.

Here is a preview of some items that I have yet to have listed, but will be up soon. So, be sure to keep checking up for updates! I'm sure I'll be searching around for more treasure.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Things to be excited about

Whats this? A stop-motion animation movie about a talking fox? Wait...theres more... a stop-motion animation movie about a talking fox directed by Wes Anderson with featured voice talent of George Clooney, Owen Wilson, Bill Murray, and pint-sized dream boat Jason Schwartzman. All of this information is pretty much new to me, yet so far I have already heard some premature clamoring about Wes Anderson's adaptation of the Ronald Dahl's classic. They say that it seems to have already missed the mark. There are even some gripes about the animation looking "creepy" and "flat". Personally, I think it looks beautiful. I sorely miss the warm charm of stop-motion animation and hand-drawn cartoons that I associate with my youth. And yes, I'm sure that this adaptation will be chalk-full of all the witty quips and quirky moments that are the trademark of Wes Anderson films. I don't care that over the past years Wes has been crowned "king of the hipsters". I love him, I love all his films and his imaginary world and I'm sure Fantastic Mr. Fox will be just as charming and quirky as ever.

Kitties. I love kitties. All of them. Especially this one at my parent's house. His name is Atticus and he has the longest fangs I have ever seen on a cat his size. They just hang out of his little mouth, making him look like a mischievous little devil (which he is, but the kind of devil you like).

Beck being hard at work at covering the Velvets AND an acoustic version of his latest album, Modern Guilt. This rendition of "Chemtrails" is wonderfully dreamy. There is actually very little this man can do that I don't automatically love. And I know he catches an unfair amount of flack from these music snobs *cough* Pitchfork *cough* for not sounding like Odelay anymore. There are so few artists who have the breadth and range as Beck...every now and then I delve through his discography and am constantly amazed at how well his songs age and how far he has come artistically. No, he isn't exactly reinventing the wheel anymore, but anyone would be hard-pressed to find a musician who has the seemingly unsurpassed creativity that Beck has.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Music for now

The heat has finally hit critical mass. Its a long, slow ride into the cooler days from here. I can hear the faint clamor of my parents from the backyard against the tempo of this old grandfather clock. I want to go home and ride my little car into the sunset and back to the microcosm that is Denton. I need those hazy nights when up and down blur into one, bleary direction. I love the boredom and the time spent alone too. I always come here hoping to talk about the little things that I acquire, but always ended up swooning over the heat and nostalgic feelings I get when Im away.

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Hell yes

Back in town with a new bravado and a brisk wind whipping through my hair. Gonna listen to the new records I bought and let my mom laugh at my musical selection. Gonna let Steven Hawking teach me more about black holes. Have to work off the extra happy pounds and cut the hair. Gonna look through these TeenVouge magazines and pretend that I'm sixteen again. Gotta get back home and have girl-time with my lady friends. Gonna try and not to spend too much time playing paper dolls with Beck.