Thursday, February 18, 2010


A friend and I ventured through an underground area of Montreal. Within such a small area, one can encounter a variety of architectural oddities. This is but a small sample of this semi-subterranean city.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I know that I tend to start things, and slowly let them fade into background as I get wrapped up in other, equally as unimportant distractions. But lately this blog has been on my mind...I miss updating on a semi regular basis, and I miss posting new items for sale in my Etsy store as well. Actually there are lot of things that I have been missing dearly. Like MY CAR. Its been held hostage until I get my titled released and have Canadian for the past few weeks I have been car-less and stranded at home (well, I do live near a metro, so I have been able to get around town). I don't know if its the pain medication from my wisdom tooth extraction that I've been hopped up on or just a nagging case of the home sick blues, but there are a couple things that have been pulling at my little heart strings lately:

My parents and their home. The other day I was thinking about how much I love the way my parent's home smells like the musty scent of the outdoors. I love hearing the wind chimes in the back yard and birds chirping their morning tune. I like looking out the kitchen window and see my dad sitting on the back patio, popping squirrels with his B.B gun. And I can't wait until my mom and I can go out on our legendary antique-hunting adventures again.

My best friend, Collete. I miss her sweet, Southern accent and hand rolled American Spirits. I miss walking to her house and laying on her bed as she spends two hours getting dressed and deciding that she hates her outfit despite me reassuring her that she looks beautitul in whatever she wears. I miss all the nights she and I would get high and just laugh at one each other's jokes until we thought we were going to die. When we were around each other, it was as if nothing bad could ever happen. And nothing ever did go wrong. Somehow, every night was the best night of my life. She was my right-hand-man, and there will always be an empty place in her absence.

Though, I shouldn't let myself get too caught up in what I no longer have on a regular basis. I know for certain that I will see my parents and their home and that I will have more nights with Collete. These things are not gone, just out of reach for now. Besides, life on this side is vibrant too. This city is unusual in that my story is not unique...there seems to be so many who are starting new in a place they only felt compelled to be a part of.