Thursday, August 28, 2008

strawberry muffin cakes

My mother gave me this darling dress.  Her mother made it for her when my mom was attending high school.  It makes me so happy just wearing it!  When people ask me "where did you get that dress?", it gives me much pride to reply "oh, it was my mother's".  The cotton fabric is wonderfully softened by age and is especially cool to wear in these summer dog days.  

As you might be able to tell from these photos, I am in dire need of a new haircut.  It's getting rather raggedy at the edges and somewhat shapeless.  Been considering an asymmetrical look...but I dunno...not sure how well I could pull that off and how it would mesh with other styles.  Having short hair does limit me somewhat on what is possible for me.   

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

retour de l'agneau

Finally home from my third, whirlwind tour of Montreal.  The first two visits to MTL were wonderful, but this one felt the most like home.  This time around I stayed for seventeen days as opposed to the measly nine day stays from the last two visits.  There is a spirit to Montreal that is truly unlike any other city that I have experienced.  It is both ramshackle and elegant, dirty and pristine, fast yet easy.  Quite a departure from the places I have lived.  The sleepy suburbs that I have known have left me hungry for a place with age and spirit.  Granted, I shouldn't feel too sore about the places I come from; I am surly blessed with friends and family who lavishly welcome me home.  

But, there was a moment when my boyfriend and I were walking down Saint Denis street.  It felt like the whole city was falling in love with me.  The old brick road sung beneath my feet as the shabby alleys beckoned me to take a secret detour. I think I even heard the sunlight humming merrily through the weedy blossoms.  Drying laundry strung up between every house provided me shade from the mild light.  Traffic consisted only of pretty girls on bikes with little wicker baskets attached to the handles.  It was a spectacular moment.  

Now that I am back to reality, I will be more consistent with my posts here. Unfortunately, I am STILL digital camera-challenged.  


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Burning a little time before an interview

Ugh,  I am painfully nervous about this damned interview at the University today.  I applied for this job in the Media Library as a photo archiver.  I know that I shouldn't get so wound up about a campus job, but my nerves are always high strung.  So, a little time needs to be used to distract me from my jitters.  Hope this job comes through for me! Could certainly use the money and purpose for my time!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I miss my camera like i miss Nickelodeon's Pete & Pete

DAILY OUTFIT ALERT! (well, more like weekly outfit alert...but whatever) Yesterday's Goodwill hunting (heh) produced some good finds. I got this suede-like skirt, and braided purple belt for about six dollars. Another, denim skirt with buttons along the front was also purchased for four bucks. I found the scarf at the famous Galveston vintage store. The shoes were also found at Galveston but are not vintage; they are new, leather Seychelles. I think today my friend and I are going to explore another Goodwill in the neighboring town. For my own good, I hope I can manage not to spend anymore money. Need to save up for some shopping in Montreal! Whee!!

The past couple of days have consisted of me staying indoors and watching last season's Mad Men. Thank God for I'd have a healthy social life. One thing that feels vastly unfair about Mad Men, is how immaculately beautiful and polished all of the women and men look. Where are the days of men who wore sharp, fitted suits with narrow ties? What happened to gloved women who smoked through their long, elegant cigarette-holders? Life back them seemed to be like an elegant dance, where each partner knew their steps, and knew well not break form.