Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Don't worry Mary, its only weather. They all say, "I couldn't do it. Its too far and cold". But you know, you get used to it. In fact, you get so used to it that in the dead of winter you can practically wander about in your drawers. At least, thats what I keep telling myself. I'll have to say "so long" to these endless summers.


I have always found that after rearranging my room, I feel a little better about the world. My environment feels fresher and my mind seems a bit less cluttered with useless, disorganized thoughts. I can understand why people believe in feng shui. Something about a rearranged room can lighten the mood of an entire home. But all that business aside, I had to make room for my record player and speakers! Mother and I relentlessly searched all the local thrift stores to find this handsome set of speakers and a receiver for my Pioneer turntable. If the pot couldn't get any sweeter, we got it half off for 40 bucks.

So since then my mom and I have been rummaging through dusty old piles of records, looking for some sparkling musical gems. She has been collecting records that she had back when she was my age. I think this new hobby connects us through something that is timeless; the music that she listened to in her college years connects her to the life I am playing out in the present. I found it particularly touching when she and I and my dad all drove out to Half Priced Books to go record shopping together. And let me tell you, I don't think there has ever been a day that my dad willingly elected to go out shopping with mom and I. I think he got genuinely excited when he saw that mom had found a Leon Russell record that he used to adore during his youth.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just when I knew nobody was looking, I quietly slipped away to Wimberley to spend some time with The Great Mose and my bird-like mother. There was much antiquing, dining, and all around good times had. Because I suck at cohesive storytelling, I'll just list the highlights in bullet form.

  • Waking up every morning at 7 o'clock to go for a hike with my grandfather. He would comment on how nice it was it have someone to quicken his pace from his usual slow trudge.
  • Discussing world politics and economical issues with Mose. I told him about the giant patch of trash in the ocean and he told me how his community was in the works of restoring the rivers to help fill the fast-depleting water supply.
  • Home-made margaritas out on the deck while playing with the worlds most friendly kitty.
  • Mother and I exploring Austin like we had never explored before. I was utterly blown away at how many vintage shops we found that had such a high quantity of mid-century clothing and accouterment. Dare I say, it was almost TOO much vintage stuff. Every store had such an amazing, well edited selection of vintage that it seemed...too easy. It was like all of the fun of sifting through mountains of coal to find that one diamond had been spoiled. Well, I managed to find plenty of stuff anyhow, hahah. Oh life is hard.
  • Vinyl shopping with mom. She had recently found the mother-load of all HiFi stereo cabinets with working speakers and turn table. Now she's collecting vinyl records from her highschool years and in the process making me unspeakably jealous. One day I'll find my stereo cabinet...and all will be right with the world.
  • Being chatted up by an old, snooty gay couple who felt it very necessary to inform me that Montreal gets cold in January. I love how people tell me this as if it had never occurred to me. "Oh, cold you say? Well, I'll be damned! I would of NEVER guessed".
  • Assisting for a real-live fashion photoshoot with my internship.
  • BECK COVERING THE VELVET UNDERGROUND Its like the little man has finally discovered that he has a website and a fan-base.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Thrifter's paradise

Wow, I can't believe the winners that I picked out at the local thrift stores today! I think I have visited every secondhand store in the Denton/Lewisville area over this past week. What else is there to do? Work? Drink? Peshaaaawwwww.

This is the highwaisted denim skirt of my dreams! Its stretchy, comfortable and it doesn't make me look like I have a poochy-gut. Thats a winner in my books. The shirt and skirt were both purchased at this great little thrift store with the nicest owners. One of the girls who works there always gushes over the clothes that I bring up...She's totally adorable and slips me a discount or two.

Same skirt. The blouse was found at the same place as well. Its a long shirt with a tie collar and impressionist floral print. That bag was a total steal too. 3 bucks for a flawless leather shoulder bag? Yes please.

I know this walks the line between edgy and ugly ( you can be the judge). But I think its a great, classic 80's look with the hot pink and black "static" pattern and oversized cut

Cute red top that goes well with the only wide-legged pants I'll probably ever own. My wardrobe seriously needs some more "normal" pieces like this...its getting choked out by wild prints and vintage rejects. I told my friend the other day about this fact and she spoke the truth, " Oh Mary, don't lie to yourself...you like dressing like a weird-o". Well said, well said indeed.

Friday, June 19, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things

This is pretty much how I envision my future home is going to look. The space-age coffee table, pleasure orb lights, geometric printed couch, oh my! Its just everything of a nerdy-space cadet's dream. Candacewright has a great collection of mod rooms for decorating inspiration.

Love in the spring time, indeed. Reminds me this Japanese version of The Little Mermaid that I watched habitually as a child. In all Japanese-obsessed tragedy, it ended with the little mermaid turning into seafoam rather than having to kill her beloved prince. Though, I suppose that is how the original fairy tale ended anyhow.

I wanna be a little husky girl! Her pose and face are just so cute! This girl's work reminds me alot of some art I had been experimenting with ages ago. I would use clear vinyl and trace over models in fashion magazines, then add paint and other mixed media...I should pick that hobby back up.

Rodel LA's Flickr account is one of my favorites that I have stumbled upon. The photographer really captures that futuristic aesthetic of the late 60's. Plus all of the models are Brazilian and are totally gorgeous.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Unimportant lists

1. I like to give my friends gifts when they don't expect it. It's not that I'm hoping that the favor will be returned, its more like if I put some good into the world it will make life for other people a little happier...and I'm convinced that the happiness comes back around. Plus, mommy always told me to share the wealth.

2. Thrifting alone is the best form of meditation for me. I'll seriously sift through every rack in search of some gold...The best way to do it is to go without any kind of expectation. Let the goodies come to you.

3. The sign of a good friend is knowing that even though you haven't seen them in ages, there is still an untapped well of conversation.

4. After a month of not going to the gym, I broke down and ponyed-up 78 bucks for a membership at my school gym. I swear, there was a backlog of endorphins stored up in my muscles waiting to be released because afterwards I felt amazing.

5. I think I have gotten to the point that I am less interested the fantasy realm of whimsy and more interested in actual science. If I had to choose between a movie about fairies and mythical beasts or a documentary about the evolution of the micro-raptor or blackholes...I'd go for the blackholes and feathered dinosaurs. I think the world holds enough puzzles as it is; there isn't much need to add fantasy to an already mysterious universe.

6. As you can tell I have changed up the look of my blog. This may not be the last incarnation, but I figured it was time for a little change.

7. Last night I dreamed that I was Ryan Adam's tour manager. He was complaining that he didn't want to tour anymore and was asking for my advice. I told him to advertise that he was going to stop touring, then put on the greatest performance of his life. Then after he had outdone himself, return to touring after a couple of years for his great comeback. Why are dreams so damned random? I guess its just another one of those great mysteries that I'll learn about on The Discovery Channel or something.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Floral summer

Floral patterned dresses seem to be my latest obsession. Every time I go thrifting, my eye go straight to those early 90's jumper dresses and rompers...I think this time around I scored some real winners. And you know what that means? It means that YOU win because YOU can buy them from ME! Awesome, take a looksie.

Monday, June 15, 2009

I feel as if my skin is rubbing up against the borders of this town. It all seemed so appropriate for the time being...but that time is passing at an alarming pace. Its like I have over stayed my welcome here and everyone is too polite to inform me of my status. Nights like this make it hard for me to think that it will be something of the past. Some of the best friends I have ever made are products of this silly place. I tell them that they must come and visit me when Im far away. It's heartbreaking and wonderful all at the same time. Songs on the stereo make me feel like I'm in some coming-of-age movie that ends on a heart wrenching yet gratifying note. Someday I'll look back on these nights and think of the people who made them so special...Hopefully they will be near to look back with me and reminisce about the hazy daze that is Denton, Texas.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Montreal man

My Montreal man. He is a man of his maps, ice cream shakes, and peanut butter toast. He quotes Leonard Cohen like a devoted disciple, meditates on David Lynch and Steven Hawking. He wears his beard like his hair: disheveled and supremely unkempt. He's my man-sized pillow, warm and always ready for me to plop my head on his chest. We spend so much of our life missing each other...but time is drawing near like a deep sigh of relief. My Montreal man, be like a wren and build me a little nest to swoop into.

Friday, June 12, 2009


Lately I have been taking notice of the musicians and bands that inspire me in more ways than just listening to their music. I think we are all a little subject to take stylistic pointers from those rock gods/goddess on stage, and I am no different. Since I'm currently (or what seems like eternally) unemployed, I have compiled a few examples of musicians who have their own distinct look, and how someone might translate it into their own wardrobe.

The first we have here is Poison Ivy from The Cramps. She is the most badass psychobilly mutha on the planet. This look in entirely unrealistic, but then again so are The Cramps...this is how I would dress if I were forever trapped in a Tim Burton daydream or something.

The second look I have going is inspired by my all-time lover boy, Beck Hansen circa Midnite Vultures. Now, Beck is an interesting musician and fashion icon in that he tends to embody a particular style while at the same time recontextualize it in his own way. His look during the Midnite Vultures period was definitely his most experimental and somewhat gender-bending. I'd like to think that I could pull off electric pink pants if I were as narrow as Mr. Hansen.

Lastly we have a look that would be typical of Sharin Foo from the Raveonettes. If I were a rockstar, I'd probably be more akin to Sharin in style. She floats somewhere in between rockabilly, vintage goth with a modern aesthetic. Plus, she is most likely one of the most beautiful ladies in the music world...I'd kill for her cheekbones and statuesque physique.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Los Angeles

Miss Vanessa! The loveliest flower in all of California. I love her house and her FACE. She and JoEllen were pretty much my accomplices all week long.

Diana and co honestly mpany took me to, perhaps, the coolest place on the planet: The Museum of Jurassic Technologies. Yeah, and this is a display of miniature trailer parks within the museum. Makes total sense. This was definitely one of those places that has to be experienced to be understood... I don't even know what to make of it other than it's totally rad.

Not sure what this was supposed to be...I think maybe some kind of overly elaborate zodiac calendar.

Another bizarre exhibit at the Museum of Jurassic Technologies. Imagine walking in on this display in a dimly lit room with the soothing sounds of Native American chanting.

My sister and Vani take me out to downtown LA to go fabric shopping with them. Its a great place to be if you like homeless people and shopkeepers who make you dance for discounts.

Pretty much LA in a nutshell right here. A bunch of random crap, some palm trees, a crazy blue sky and the work of some tagger.

Diana and "Monkey" talking some serious shit in the back of Alex and Courtney's home.

It's about 12am California time, but far later for my jet-lagged Texan self. Here I am trying to convince Diana to take me back to her place to hide from all the tasty chips. I think I ate my weight in total crap that day.

Alex graciously pours me the last of his champaign. Please notice the can of choco-covered expresso beans. After about 30 glasses of wine, that was about the only thing that kept me awake.

Mr. Jack Conway was a gentleman and showed me around Silver Lake, a.k.a, my motherland. Here his is creeping around in Time Travel Mart. Thats right, Time Travel Mart, where you can find all of your time jumping needs...like agriculture, viking repellant, dinosaur eggs, and t-shirts.

I completely forget what this place was called, but it was this awesome gift/book/art gallery store in Silver Lake. Imagine Spencer's gifts, but really freaking cool ( I know thats a tough one).

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Come down

Leap into the atmosphere to come back down to where I belong. I'll go far to be reminded of how much I already fit in with where I started. LA was nice and I was fortunate to have some good friends and hospitable strangers provide me with a good time. Though, I wish that I would of came at a different time...most of my friends were understandably busy with important projects, leaving very limited time for them to come out and play. This visit certainly did feel like my last fade-away before I commit to a different life. It felt good. Not entirely sure if it was necessary, but I think in a way it has solidified my decisions and has helped to highlight how I have evolved from the world that used to be inhabited by my sister. I no longer feel haunted by the ghosts of what-could-of-been and can say with certainty that I have changed into something I can be proud of. Looking back, it was good. Looking to the future, and it too is good.

I uploaded some pictures of the trip to my flickr account. Later I'll make a proper post here with photos and captions and all that fun stuff!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

California waiting

I packed everything I need for a week's stay in LA in one bag. Count 'em. ONE BAG, ladies and gentlemen. That in it's self is a small miracle on my part. I'm looking forward to the temporary escape (not that there is much to escape in this town other than the usual routine, which really is entertaining). I'm determined to hit the Getty this time around though...I can't believe that I have never been, considering how many times I have visited the city. For shame!

Day one at the internship went well. (oh yeah, I'm interning at a commercial photography studio...not sure if I mentioned that anywhere here). Everyone seems pretty chill. They have me doing bitch work, but I expected as much. Actually, I take pleasure in completing small tasks. Minor victories make me feel like a winner. Or wiener. Whatever. I honestly don't know if this is going to turn into anything that pays, but I suppose thats not really the point. Its the experience or resume candy or whatever...I go there and complete my tasks without ego. On the plus side I get access to alot of really good free food. Now THAT is a win.

I gotta head full of stars tonight. Driving home through the city square, the white lights wrapped around the old oak trees catch my eye at a nostalgic angle. Sometimes it makes me feel like I'm slow rolling through someone else's daydream.

Monday, June 1, 2009

I actually just listed a pair of floral shorts on my Etsy site. This is the outfit I'd wear if I could cram my huge ass into those adorable shorts. Sadly, I cannot...so they are up for grabs!