Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I have always found that after rearranging my room, I feel a little better about the world. My environment feels fresher and my mind seems a bit less cluttered with useless, disorganized thoughts. I can understand why people believe in feng shui. Something about a rearranged room can lighten the mood of an entire home. But all that business aside, I had to make room for my record player and speakers! Mother and I relentlessly searched all the local thrift stores to find this handsome set of speakers and a receiver for my Pioneer turntable. If the pot couldn't get any sweeter, we got it half off for 40 bucks.

So since then my mom and I have been rummaging through dusty old piles of records, looking for some sparkling musical gems. She has been collecting records that she had back when she was my age. I think this new hobby connects us through something that is timeless; the music that she listened to in her college years connects her to the life I am playing out in the present. I found it particularly touching when she and I and my dad all drove out to Half Priced Books to go record shopping together. And let me tell you, I don't think there has ever been a day that my dad willingly elected to go out shopping with mom and I. I think he got genuinely excited when he saw that mom had found a Leon Russell record that he used to adore during his youth.

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