Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fashion Phoenix

Lately I have been in this fashion funk. Maybe it has to do with the constant cold weather and inability to wear most of my wardrobe. Anything that I wear is going to be obscured by my giant winter coat....sometimes I catch myself saying "why bother?". Well its time to shape up! So in order to combat these wintertime blahs, I have made more of an effort to look through my closet and recontextualize all of my clothing. That is, trying things on and thinking about my wardrobe in a different way. Also, I find myself being inspired by the way Montrealers dress themselves...loads of black, sleek silhouettes, sharp heels, and a slightly modern edge. Usually I gravitate towards bright colors and large, graphic prints. But I think I am starting to lean towards a more futuristic look with a vaguely goth twist. And it all centers around these incredible boots Matt got my for my birthday!