Thursday, September 25, 2008

Over dressed for all occasions is the motto. Its a shame that polyester doesn't feel to great in 80+ degree weather. The dress was found at the legendary vintage shop in Galveston...too bad that it has probably been swept away by that asshole, Ike. Maybe someday I'll visit the city again and see what is left. The matching bracelet was actually found on the ground while walking around St. Denis street in Montreal...its matches perfect! Thank you Montreal!

Today is critique day for Studio Photography. The whole projector idea is making me nervous...just hope that it doesn't come off as too cheesy or pretentious. Although, I shouldn't have to worry about the latter; some of the girls in that class are pretentious enough for the entire department....

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yes, those are black, leather fringe moccasins. My grandmother purchased them for me last weekend. I know they are a little ridiculous looking...but sooo cute and comfortable. Im willing to bet that I'll make good use of them this fall/winter. Every other item of clothing of this outfit was found at target. The necklace and bracelets were gifts from my boyfriend's mother.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Well, fall is (eventually) approaching, so I might as well enjoy wearing shorts for as long as possible. Although, I am looking forward to the lovely layers, scarfs, and tights that the weather permits me to wear. I think its true amongst all girls that we love autumn the most. By far, its the most sumptuous season. When I was living with my parents, there was one particular omen that signified the turning of the season: the faint scent of burning pine needles wafting through the still air. Some of my most treasured memories are of my sister, friends and I staying outside late at night, burning leaves and fallen branches in the huge burn pile in the back of my parent's yard. My dad taught us how to respect the fire and tend to the flames...though he also taught us how to use the rake to throw thousands of burning embers into the air for special effect...

Anyways, enough doey-eyed reminiscing of my childhood...I need to get to class!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Skirt and cardigan: Target
Blouse: Forever 21
Shoes: Goodwill
Earrings: Thrift

I had a whole post written, but subsequently deleted it because I honestly had nothing to say.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Crowd mentality

What is it exactly that makes people want to act like total assholes? I don't venture into Dallas very often, so last night's trip to see Ratatat preform was a special occasion. Unfortunately the concert was spoiled by an ill-mannered crowed who thought it was completely appropriate to shove in front of Tatiana and I. All the while, some girls behind us were trying punch each other in the back of the head. Tatiana felt it appropriate to separate the two cats. As I looked around myself, I noticed that almost everyone had those incriminating black ex's marked on their hands...figures...damn kids.

ANYWAYS, today is a new day. Im not the one to let other people and past events effect my tomorrows. TIme for daily outfit post! Yay! I think I may be dressed a little too warm for today...ah well...Im feeling a little granny chic anyhow. The dress is super comfortable, AND it had pockets! Score! The cardigan was also purchased at Target, and I know that Im going to wear it to the ground.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I know I haven't been keeping track of my daily outfits lately, but Im trying to repent! Yesterday it was the pink Montreal dress with a 60's vintage necklace and a white purse (not shown) that I bought for 25 cents. Today its the frilly skirt I picked up at UO and my favorite heathered grey t-shirt. Tonight Ratatat maybe? Seems that things are hanging on the heads of certain people...I guess I will find out later!

Crazy beautiful weather. Yesterday I walk around outside feeling like I was somewhere else. I was sitting on the counter of laundry room of Tatiana's apartment...She walked outside to pick up her basket of dirty clothes, and she looked so beautiful in the golden haze of the early evening light. Sometimes I worry that I have become too clingy to her...she feels like a sister to me, and I sorely miss having one.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Dreams continued

Last night I completed a few more images for my dream project. I'm so excited about this whole thing I can barely see straight. This week I will playing with projectors and will be figuring out my setup

Today is an unreasonably beautiful day. Though, it feels tainted knowing that Galveston and Houston are in shambles. Seeing footage of Galveston is so strange...I know in the past I have dogged on the city, but its still the place a spent a large portion of my childhood summers. Certainly things will never be the same...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I heard it all in a dream...

"Once, I dreamed..."
This is a common statement amongst all of those with normal cognitive processes. What do those random synapses in the night tell us about ourselves and the world we inhabit? Just exactly how random are they, anyway? These seemingly random flickerings play an important role in our human experience: some think they forewarn us about future events, or connect us to the dead and all those creatures that live in the nether-realms. Some have even had the experience their dreams bleeding into the world of the lucid. I have always been fascinated with those moments when I can't decipher whether I was awake, or dreaming...

This is an excerpt from my artists statement for my photography studio project. Already I have gone through a dozen ideas, but have finally settled on one concept...Get this...

Step 1. Document each dream in a journal every morning
Step 2. Use dream-journal as a well of inspiration
Step 3. Recreate select images with my Canon AE-1
Step 4. Scan negatives into Photoshop, layer images atop each other to create a sort of "dream scape"
Step 5. Use digital projector and project images onto a wrinkled sheet or bed spread.

The idea is to create a certain dream like feeling from these images. I want the viewers to feel as if they are dreaming with me.
Here are a few completed images for this project. The assignment requires eight total images.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Ever watchful companion

Mitzy is more like my daughter than pet.  She knows my daily routine and follows me about the apartment like a fat shadow.  Sometimes, she knows me so well that she will lead me around, anticipating my every stop.  Living alone can get dreadfully dull. I'm not sure how well I would fare if I didn't have my little otter-cat.  

The interview with the photographer went well. I have already worked for him this weekend, and he has paid me each day in cash. Cash, baby!  He seems very nice...but, I suppose my only complaint is that he is not an artists.  He's a photographer, strictly.  This is where it gets what point does someone cross the line of being a photographer, and an artists who uses photography?  No doubt, he has some wonderfully exposed images...but that is exactly what they are.  Photography gets interesting when the photo transcends the fact that it is a follow?  Anyways, who am I to criticizes? Here are some pictures of me and my cat hahaha.

Friday, September 5, 2008


Once again I must be put on the spot and convince a total stranger that I am competent enough for their money.  I have been having a dialog with this local photographer over email, trying for a week now to arrange a time for an interview.  He finally emailed me today, wanting to meet...but every time i email him back, he takes a couple days to respond.  Calling his studio didn't do much good either...left a message on his machine.  Ugh! If he only knew what this was doing to me!  I just want to introduce myself and see if you like me or not!  I can't stand the shaky-I-gotta-puke feeling I get when I have to call strangers....jeeeez...such a baby!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Today is a little 60's chic.  The dress is a vintage piece found at the local retro-boutique that is owned by the creepiest lady ever.  Kinda sucks when I want to go shopping there...she has some good things in there, but she's just so damned weird!  Initially, I wanted to pair the dress with some boots and a hat; but then I thought it was a bit too busy.  The dress has enough going on with it to begin with, so I made the accessories a little more understated.  The shoes are these incredibly comfortable, leather flats.  I always have trouble finding comfortable shoes, but these are like little golden dreams.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

missing you

There was a moment when we were sitting on the patio at Café Sandropol that I felt a tidal swelling of happiness.  It all happened in one fraction of a second.  You were sitting across from me, reading the news paper that we picked up at the entrance.  It felt as if every lonesome moment I waisted in the past was forgiven by the grace of your lowered eyelids.  Just you, me, and some curious ants, hidden away in the secret garden of the café.

The sky was grey today and it looked colder that it actually was.  I try not to think about how long it will be before I see you again...but somedays...somedays I actually manage to feel further from you than we already are.  I know it's a bit early for me to feel nostalgic. But, I know that someday I won't have to rely on memories to clear my skies.

baby sophia

I'm an aunt for the very first time.  My brother and his lovely wife just recently had their beautiful, baby girl.  She just slept there, bundled up in her little blanket, just cooing away.

I think when she gets older, I'll teach her to love dinosaurs and junky jewelry.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Dino ahoy!

Spending some quality time with the moms and dads back in Houston right now. The other day mommy and I went out to continue our antique shopping tradition.  Amongst all the clutter and mess I found a little soul that needed a good home. I decided to name him Andrew for the name written under his foot.  I have been looking for good t-rex toys that were made before people understood that they don't stand upright.  Its cute, makes him seem a little more human.

T-rex rules.