Thursday, May 27, 2010

Miss moon is peeking down and into my crescent shaped window tonight. A lonely girl who likes to hide her face and come out only when she feels the night is just right. Some nights she had rather just stay in and not come out at all. Just as the moon does, we all shift though our different cycles in life...evolving triumphantly or shrinking away into the darkness. I sometimes look at the moon and wonder who else is gazing up at that wonderful little face.

My mom called today to read me a story that I had written when I was in the 4th grade. It involved me building a time machine and traveling aaallllll the way to the year 2000 where there were friendly robots, flying cars, glittering buildings, and dogs with leashes that could walk themselves! Oh my! The fanciful year of 2000 sure looked pretty amazing way back in '94. I know of a few people who would love to have those self-walking pet leashes. What's funny is that I somewhat remember writing it. Although (unsurprisingly) my spelling was retrospect, my mother had wondered if I should of been tested for dyslexia. I guarantee you I was just too distracted with my drawings to pay any attention to my spelling.

Its official. Summer is here and we are spending approximately 100% of it on a roof...whether it be our own or someone else's. It started with Matt and I going atop of our building and enjoying the weather or sunset. Then it turned into candlelight dinners up there. Next we went with some friends to a rooftop movie night and soon after for a BBQ that involved alot of scuttling about on a roof. Matt and I have turned into little squirrels and soon enough people are going to start setting traps for us.

I'm back on the Etsy wagon and it feels myself a new mannequin and a ton of stock to photograph. I've been out of the game for a while now, so I hope the market is still fresh! I know everyone and their duck now sells vintage junk on Etsy.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Some things as of late....

  • I went downtown to go shoe shopping for some sensible flats that would be useful for all the city walking I now do. I leave the store with a pair of 5 inch platform wedges. My only rational is "well, at least they're wedges". All of my practicality goes out the window when I come in contact with a swanky pair of shoes.
  • I love cold pizza...especially for breakfast. I love ordering in pizza (which we RARELY do) just for the faint chance that I may have some left over to enjoy the next morning.
  • Matt and I finally got ourselves the space-age Electrohome record player that we had been searching for. Though, all the credit really goes to our favorite retro furniture dealer that we have pays to make flea market pays in sweet, sweet retro furniture discounts...oh yeah.
  • I don't understand the people who walk around outside, dressed as if its still the dead of winter with their down-coats and mittens. For Christ's sake its practically summer the weather!
  • I discovered from an unknown source that putting a long piece of Scotch Tape on my cat's back makes her flip out and run laps around the house. Pure hilarity.
  • Cooking is one of those things that I never really expressed much interest in while living at home or even living on my own. Why bother when Mom cooks so well, right? But I must say, it makes total sense that someone who loves food as much as me would want to know how to make it herself. I mean, why not? You're going to eat the rest of your might as well learn now to cook well.
  • Every room in our condo has finally been painted. When we moved in, everything was either a pukish tan or some sick shade of flesh. What the hell is up with these non-colors? I don't understand people's aversion to bold colors that actually make a statement. Forget taupe, slate, and ecru. Give me real damn color! My mother gave me "House & Garden's Complete Guide to Interior Decoration" from 1970, and it is the most amazing decorating manual ever. If you just look through the pages you can see how people were unafraid to use bright colors, big patterns and innovated design. Granted, some of the examples shown are pretty freaking horrendous, but most of them are incredibly inspiring.
  • Dirty martinis are my new thing. Save the sweet stuff for the children. Just pour the whole damned thing of olives in there!
  • I like to read those take-out menus that we get in the mail. I just like knowing that I can order sushi, pizza, poutine, hot dogs, crepes, felafel, egg rolls, and whatever else anytime I wish! Not that I ever just makes me feel like I'm really living in the city hahaha.