Thursday, March 26, 2009

Its a crushing sound in the back of my mind

I think it finally hit me yesterday that I am twenty four.  As I stood naked in front of the bathroom mirror, as I do everyday to prepare my face and hair for the out-side world, I felt the pressure of adult responsibilities crushing behind my skull.  Seems that there are so many things that I have to do and really have no inclination as to how.  Graduation is nipping me on the heels, the search for a job has me realizing that I have never really worked, and the signing of another six month lease on my apartment has given me a very tangible time-table as to how long I have to get my shit together for the move to Montreal.  I suppose its only one thing at a time...but they all seem like very high hurdles to pass through. Often, I find myself distracting my mind from the larger tasks by completing minor chores, hoping that their completion would give me some sensation of accomplishment.  

This tide is rising to my windowsill.  Remember Mary, you just have to keep swimming and don't let the water over your head.  I know I'm not alone in this race against the tide.

Monday, March 23, 2009

This sun-drenched little town missed me.  I love it elsewhere, but this place feels more and more like a warm smile from an old friend.  Its good to be home, for now.  Take off your over-coat and stay in for the weekend, we have some catching up to do.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Photo-shoots ahoy!

Well I have been hard at work with my photo projects. I have been wanting to organize a 1920s photoshoot at this old train station on the edge of town. So, I rounded up some lovely ladies and styled them in my clothing and photographed them during the "magical hour" that all photographers are oh-so-fond of.

The second shoot was alot more experimental. They are somewhat reminiscent of those 3D photos you see in comic books and other pop-culture material. These photos are more of an experiment with this technique...I have alot of ideas for this next project...excited!