Monday, September 8, 2008

Ever watchful companion

Mitzy is more like my daughter than pet.  She knows my daily routine and follows me about the apartment like a fat shadow.  Sometimes, she knows me so well that she will lead me around, anticipating my every stop.  Living alone can get dreadfully dull. I'm not sure how well I would fare if I didn't have my little otter-cat.  

The interview with the photographer went well. I have already worked for him this weekend, and he has paid me each day in cash. Cash, baby!  He seems very nice...but, I suppose my only complaint is that he is not an artists.  He's a photographer, strictly.  This is where it gets what point does someone cross the line of being a photographer, and an artists who uses photography?  No doubt, he has some wonderfully exposed images...but that is exactly what they are.  Photography gets interesting when the photo transcends the fact that it is a follow?  Anyways, who am I to criticizes? Here are some pictures of me and my cat hahaha.