Thursday, September 11, 2008

I heard it all in a dream...

"Once, I dreamed..."
This is a common statement amongst all of those with normal cognitive processes. What do those random synapses in the night tell us about ourselves and the world we inhabit? Just exactly how random are they, anyway? These seemingly random flickerings play an important role in our human experience: some think they forewarn us about future events, or connect us to the dead and all those creatures that live in the nether-realms. Some have even had the experience their dreams bleeding into the world of the lucid. I have always been fascinated with those moments when I can't decipher whether I was awake, or dreaming...

This is an excerpt from my artists statement for my photography studio project. Already I have gone through a dozen ideas, but have finally settled on one concept...Get this...

Step 1. Document each dream in a journal every morning
Step 2. Use dream-journal as a well of inspiration
Step 3. Recreate select images with my Canon AE-1
Step 4. Scan negatives into Photoshop, layer images atop each other to create a sort of "dream scape"
Step 5. Use digital projector and project images onto a wrinkled sheet or bed spread.

The idea is to create a certain dream like feeling from these images. I want the viewers to feel as if they are dreaming with me.
Here are a few completed images for this project. The assignment requires eight total images.

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