Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Well, fall is (eventually) approaching, so I might as well enjoy wearing shorts for as long as possible. Although, I am looking forward to the lovely layers, scarfs, and tights that the weather permits me to wear. I think its true amongst all girls that we love autumn the most. By far, its the most sumptuous season. When I was living with my parents, there was one particular omen that signified the turning of the season: the faint scent of burning pine needles wafting through the still air. Some of my most treasured memories are of my sister, friends and I staying outside late at night, burning leaves and fallen branches in the huge burn pile in the back of my parent's yard. My dad taught us how to respect the fire and tend to the flames...though he also taught us how to use the rake to throw thousands of burning embers into the air for special effect...

Anyways, enough doey-eyed reminiscing of my childhood...I need to get to class!

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