Friday, June 19, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things

This is pretty much how I envision my future home is going to look. The space-age coffee table, pleasure orb lights, geometric printed couch, oh my! Its just everything of a nerdy-space cadet's dream. Candacewright has a great collection of mod rooms for decorating inspiration.

Love in the spring time, indeed. Reminds me this Japanese version of The Little Mermaid that I watched habitually as a child. In all Japanese-obsessed tragedy, it ended with the little mermaid turning into seafoam rather than having to kill her beloved prince. Though, I suppose that is how the original fairy tale ended anyhow.

I wanna be a little husky girl! Her pose and face are just so cute! This girl's work reminds me alot of some art I had been experimenting with ages ago. I would use clear vinyl and trace over models in fashion magazines, then add paint and other mixed media...I should pick that hobby back up.

Rodel LA's Flickr account is one of my favorites that I have stumbled upon. The photographer really captures that futuristic aesthetic of the late 60's. Plus all of the models are Brazilian and are totally gorgeous.

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