Thursday, June 18, 2009

Unimportant lists

1. I like to give my friends gifts when they don't expect it. It's not that I'm hoping that the favor will be returned, its more like if I put some good into the world it will make life for other people a little happier...and I'm convinced that the happiness comes back around. Plus, mommy always told me to share the wealth.

2. Thrifting alone is the best form of meditation for me. I'll seriously sift through every rack in search of some gold...The best way to do it is to go without any kind of expectation. Let the goodies come to you.

3. The sign of a good friend is knowing that even though you haven't seen them in ages, there is still an untapped well of conversation.

4. After a month of not going to the gym, I broke down and ponyed-up 78 bucks for a membership at my school gym. I swear, there was a backlog of endorphins stored up in my muscles waiting to be released because afterwards I felt amazing.

5. I think I have gotten to the point that I am less interested the fantasy realm of whimsy and more interested in actual science. If I had to choose between a movie about fairies and mythical beasts or a documentary about the evolution of the micro-raptor or blackholes...I'd go for the blackholes and feathered dinosaurs. I think the world holds enough puzzles as it is; there isn't much need to add fantasy to an already mysterious universe.

6. As you can tell I have changed up the look of my blog. This may not be the last incarnation, but I figured it was time for a little change.

7. Last night I dreamed that I was Ryan Adam's tour manager. He was complaining that he didn't want to tour anymore and was asking for my advice. I told him to advertise that he was going to stop touring, then put on the greatest performance of his life. Then after he had outdone himself, return to touring after a couple of years for his great comeback. Why are dreams so damned random? I guess its just another one of those great mysteries that I'll learn about on The Discovery Channel or something.


Pomegranate said...

I completely agree with number 5. I was into fairies and angels and stuff like that when I was a teenager, and now I'm all about the science. The world is way more fabulous than anything people can think up.

mary said...

Oh totally! There are times when I am in complete awe at the spectacle that is the world...I mean, its incredible and its far more intriguing than fiction...Thats not to say that fantasy and whimsy DON'T interest me, its just that they don't fulfill me as much as they used to.