Thursday, June 11, 2009

Los Angeles

Miss Vanessa! The loveliest flower in all of California. I love her house and her FACE. She and JoEllen were pretty much my accomplices all week long.

Diana and co honestly mpany took me to, perhaps, the coolest place on the planet: The Museum of Jurassic Technologies. Yeah, and this is a display of miniature trailer parks within the museum. Makes total sense. This was definitely one of those places that has to be experienced to be understood... I don't even know what to make of it other than it's totally rad.

Not sure what this was supposed to be...I think maybe some kind of overly elaborate zodiac calendar.

Another bizarre exhibit at the Museum of Jurassic Technologies. Imagine walking in on this display in a dimly lit room with the soothing sounds of Native American chanting.

My sister and Vani take me out to downtown LA to go fabric shopping with them. Its a great place to be if you like homeless people and shopkeepers who make you dance for discounts.

Pretty much LA in a nutshell right here. A bunch of random crap, some palm trees, a crazy blue sky and the work of some tagger.

Diana and "Monkey" talking some serious shit in the back of Alex and Courtney's home.

It's about 12am California time, but far later for my jet-lagged Texan self. Here I am trying to convince Diana to take me back to her place to hide from all the tasty chips. I think I ate my weight in total crap that day.

Alex graciously pours me the last of his champaign. Please notice the can of choco-covered expresso beans. After about 30 glasses of wine, that was about the only thing that kept me awake.

Mr. Jack Conway was a gentleman and showed me around Silver Lake, a.k.a, my motherland. Here his is creeping around in Time Travel Mart. Thats right, Time Travel Mart, where you can find all of your time jumping agriculture, viking repellant, dinosaur eggs, and t-shirts.

I completely forget what this place was called, but it was this awesome gift/book/art gallery store in Silver Lake. Imagine Spencer's gifts, but really freaking cool ( I know thats a tough one).

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