Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Come down

Leap into the atmosphere to come back down to where I belong. I'll go far to be reminded of how much I already fit in with where I started. LA was nice and I was fortunate to have some good friends and hospitable strangers provide me with a good time. Though, I wish that I would of came at a different time...most of my friends were understandably busy with important projects, leaving very limited time for them to come out and play. This visit certainly did feel like my last fade-away before I commit to a different life. It felt good. Not entirely sure if it was necessary, but I think in a way it has solidified my decisions and has helped to highlight how I have evolved from the world that used to be inhabited by my sister. I no longer feel haunted by the ghosts of what-could-of-been and can say with certainty that I have changed into something I can be proud of. Looking back, it was good. Looking to the future, and it too is good.

I uploaded some pictures of the trip to my flickr account. Later I'll make a proper post here with photos and captions and all that fun stuff!

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