Wednesday, June 3, 2009

California waiting

I packed everything I need for a week's stay in LA in one bag. Count 'em. ONE BAG, ladies and gentlemen. That in it's self is a small miracle on my part. I'm looking forward to the temporary escape (not that there is much to escape in this town other than the usual routine, which really is entertaining). I'm determined to hit the Getty this time around though...I can't believe that I have never been, considering how many times I have visited the city. For shame!

Day one at the internship went well. (oh yeah, I'm interning at a commercial photography studio...not sure if I mentioned that anywhere here). Everyone seems pretty chill. They have me doing bitch work, but I expected as much. Actually, I take pleasure in completing small tasks. Minor victories make me feel like a winner. Or wiener. Whatever. I honestly don't know if this is going to turn into anything that pays, but I suppose thats not really the point. Its the experience or resume candy or whatever...I go there and complete my tasks without ego. On the plus side I get access to alot of really good free food. Now THAT is a win.

I gotta head full of stars tonight. Driving home through the city square, the white lights wrapped around the old oak trees catch my eye at a nostalgic angle. Sometimes it makes me feel like I'm slow rolling through someone else's daydream.

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