Friday, June 12, 2009


Lately I have been taking notice of the musicians and bands that inspire me in more ways than just listening to their music. I think we are all a little subject to take stylistic pointers from those rock gods/goddess on stage, and I am no different. Since I'm currently (or what seems like eternally) unemployed, I have compiled a few examples of musicians who have their own distinct look, and how someone might translate it into their own wardrobe.

The first we have here is Poison Ivy from The Cramps. She is the most badass psychobilly mutha on the planet. This look in entirely unrealistic, but then again so are The Cramps...this is how I would dress if I were forever trapped in a Tim Burton daydream or something.

The second look I have going is inspired by my all-time lover boy, Beck Hansen circa Midnite Vultures. Now, Beck is an interesting musician and fashion icon in that he tends to embody a particular style while at the same time recontextualize it in his own way. His look during the Midnite Vultures period was definitely his most experimental and somewhat gender-bending. I'd like to think that I could pull off electric pink pants if I were as narrow as Mr. Hansen.

Lastly we have a look that would be typical of Sharin Foo from the Raveonettes. If I were a rockstar, I'd probably be more akin to Sharin in style. She floats somewhere in between rockabilly, vintage goth with a modern aesthetic. Plus, she is most likely one of the most beautiful ladies in the music world...I'd kill for her cheekbones and statuesque physique.

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KeithP said...

love this. Goths in NY or people that are doing the look are looking amazing right now. ud love it...maybe not as much as me but still;)