Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I miss my camera like i miss Nickelodeon's Pete & Pete

DAILY OUTFIT ALERT! (well, more like weekly outfit alert...but whatever) Yesterday's Goodwill hunting (heh) produced some good finds. I got this suede-like skirt, and braided purple belt for about six dollars. Another, denim skirt with buttons along the front was also purchased for four bucks. I found the scarf at the famous Galveston vintage store. The shoes were also found at Galveston but are not vintage; they are new, leather Seychelles. I think today my friend and I are going to explore another Goodwill in the neighboring town. For my own good, I hope I can manage not to spend anymore money. Need to save up for some shopping in Montreal! Whee!!

The past couple of days have consisted of me staying indoors and watching last season's Mad Men. Thank God for I'd have a healthy social life. One thing that feels vastly unfair about Mad Men, is how immaculately beautiful and polished all of the women and men look. Where are the days of men who wore sharp, fitted suits with narrow ties? What happened to gloved women who smoked through their long, elegant cigarette-holders? Life back them seemed to be like an elegant dance, where each partner knew their steps, and knew well not break form.


Caitlin said...

Oh em gee, Pete and Pete!!

Anonymous said...

I totally adore your shoes!