Wednesday, July 30, 2008

First off, please excuse the crappy Mac-book quality photos. I am still out of a camera...But hope is on the horizon still! I spotted a new Canon XSI for about 650 bucks. And thats the whole outfit! So, in the near future I will be back to my old snap-happy self.

Today's number was influenced by my last post about boho, 70's garb. The cotton smock was one of the goodies I found at the Galveston vintage shop. Not sure how much it set me back...couldn't have been more than five bucks. The shorts are the same Express high waisted pair that I have been wearing endlessly. I found the tiny bag at my local thrift store. It's an authentic leather, Yves Saint Laurent! I think I bought it for a nickel, or some ridiculously low price.

While I'm on the subject, what do you think is an acceptable price range for your typical vintage clothing and accessories? Searching for cheap vintage fashion on Ebay has become next to impossible. All of the "good stores" feature beautiful little beatniks sporting their wares with impeccable accessories. Now, I understand that these vendors are actually trying to make profit...hell, I would LOVE to do what they are doing...but how much is too much for vintage? Looking at Momma Stone, or any of the other bigger names, I see things going for over 100 dollars! What the hell?! Doesn't the idea of cheap prices and thrifted clothing go hand-in-hand? (that is, excluding items that are designer) I guess at the end of the day, people will pay whatever they can afford...even if it is old, used, and possibly stained.


María José said...

If you study photography (such as myself) and you like Canon, I strongly recommend you to go for a Canon D40 or at least a D30, the price difference is not that big (besides, it's not an expense but an investment) but there's a big difference as far as quality. The Rebel line has really small and weak camera bodies, although they offer an interesting resolution for the price. Anyway, is a great site to compare cameras, so I'll stop blabbering about this (it's just that I always try to convince people against buying Rebel). Hope this silly comment was of any help, love your blog, bye!

mary said...

thanks alot! I am always open to suggestions, and will be sure to check this place out. But you are right...I have been using a Rebel for while now, and I guess its just a comfort thing. But, I am going to need a better grade eventually.

Kristina Marie said...

you know the anwser i'd say on cheap vintage. i like about $8- dresses, $10-12 is still good, $15 is oook, but $20+ to me is pushing it unless it's really special.

but I'm one of those who likes to dig at thrift shops.

miss you lady!