Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lately the 70's have been my source for inspiration.  This style is much more appropriate in the Southwest heat than the double knit, non breathing, polyester jumpers that I have been collecting.  Note to self: purchase some denim shorts and floppy hat.

Speaking of incredible heat...this weekend I have been holed up in a hotel room with my family in Galveston, Texas for yet another family reunion.  This place is where the ocean goes to die.  Possibly one of the most nauseating beaches in America; red seaweed strewn across the brown-watered shore line. But despite the nastiness of the beach itself, there is still something very unique about Galveston. Its the oldest city in Texas, and one of the few that is still has its old architecture. There is this strange mixture of victorian architecture, mexican culture, tacky beach shops, and massive oil derricks.

Today my mom, sister-in-law and I scored BIG TIME at this vintage clothing shop. I walked out with about eight items and five scarves for fifty bucks! Suhweet! Hopefully I will be able to borrow my mom's camera and snap a few before I head back home. 

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