Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I bid thee adieu

First day home from my expedition in Los Angeles. All of this travel and jet lag makes me want to wear something low key. The skirt was found at this amazing vintage store on Melrose. I think it cost me like twelve bucks. I could of spent the entire time there, rummaging through the racks like a child lost in the mall. Thank god I have a boyfriend who actually enjoys shopping with did I ever manage to score that? Im proud that my Chuck Taylors are finally starting to get dingy. 2 straight days of hiking on the beach and rock climbing do the trick.

I got a call from the university today demanding their camera back. I have had it on loan for two and a half years now...he has been my third, mechanical eye! Oh how I will miss thee! So, this means until I get my hands on a new camera I won't be able to post anything in Wardrobe Remix. Yes, I know..its a freaking TRAGEDY. Sigh...ah well...I guess this could mark a new beginning for me. That is, actually OWNING my digital equipment.


Catherine said...

Hey, this is Lesretrouvailles from flickr! I love the way you work the chucks with the plaid, very cute. Also, does UNT lease cameras or something? Do you have to be a photography major?

And you may already know about this site, but I have a friend who recently bought a Canon 5d off of It was used, but obscenely cheaper.

Anyway, good luck with finding new equipment!

Anonymous said...

I love your shoes to this cute little skirt :). And you're really like to have a boyfriend who enjoys shopping!

-k said...

Heya. I found you from W_R at Flickr and just wanted to comment that you look absolutely darling. I had a cursory glance at the rest of your fashion outfits on your blog and I must say, you're a total style chameleon! I'm absolutely loving it.

And Enid is <3. :)

mary said...

thank you, i will most definitely check this place out for my future camera. I was able to use the camera because I worked on the Yearbook. They loaned them out to photographers. But, now that the yearbook as been dissolved, they need it back *cries*

thank you! I am lucky to have a shop happy bf

thank you very much!