Thursday, August 27, 2009

When I think about those grown over alleys and spiral staircases, I feel my heart pitter-patter. There are times that I cannot believe that I will inherit such an amazing city...all to myself! No more waving goodbye from the elevated seat of an airplane or "last night" excursions through the slanted streets. I have to keep my mind focused on these wonderful treasures or else I start to dwell on all the investments that I'm leaving behind here. Sometimes its hard to believe that I will be doing all these "adult" things all at once...with one felled swoop I'll be moving to another country, becoming a citizen, and becoming a wife to a spectacular man. I'll be the first amongst all my friends to leave. Maybe I can pave the way, show them that humble beginnings can lead to a greater elsewhere. Wherever they find their elsewhere to be.

One month and everything is new again.

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