Monday, October 27, 2008

Oh how things change.


Life has gotten way more interesting for this blog.  Something inside me gave me the permission to go out and make new friends...I guess I was growing weary of waiting around for people to call me.  I never knew that this town held so many characters.  

Getting to know the boys of Denton a little better, they are actually not as bad as I initially thought.  The entire crew is adorable with their skinny jeans and coordinating mustaches.  Speaking of mustaches, I don't know why I find myself liking them so much.  They tend to fall in that same ironic category of fashion as wolf t-shirts and Members Only jackets.  But, I can be the bigger person and admit that I think its cute.

The other day Tat, her boyfriend, and their roommate Travis, and I did some heavy thrifting.  I pretty much bought my entire fall wardrobe and a piece of my Halloween costume (hint, it involves a *fake* mink coat).  Im wearing one of the oversized cardigans in the pics...

Oh and I saw The Virgin Suicides for the first time...don't judge, I don't ever buy movies.

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