Friday, October 17, 2008

The world has got me dizzy again

Too much drinking and playing darts with buddies.  Meeting friends of friends of friends. Telling everyone that I'm a photo major and its true that Lou Reed DOES know.  Full of smiles and silly hijinks, I think Albert and Jeff beat us at darts, but I'm surprisingly good for a novice.  Jacob says I have natural aim.  Sitting down after our defeat, talking politics to Albert.  I get the distinct impression that he thinks he knows more than he actually does.   Its alright, I don't really like him to start with...he seems arrogant.  Looking over my shoulder I see Brian and his roommate at the bar.  Surprised to see him there I rush up and give him a wallop on the shoulder.  Probably shouldn't have had that fifth beer.  He is wearing that Aerie Yearbook shirt from two years ago. Nerd.  Funny thing happen between Then and Now.  Tatiana calls, I tell her where I am and she says she is going to bed.  I hope she isn't upset with me.  She doesn't know how much I worry about offending her, I can't always treat her like my sister.  Something something, now we are all on the roof patio taking pictures with Brian.  Something something, Jacob and I happen to be dressed similarly.  Hunger hits and we are suddenly at Taco Cabana downing some flautas and chips.  Some stranger called me rude, and we don't why.  Whats next?  Watching Youtube videos of Disney movies, of course.  How come I am the only one who doesn't remember every word to these songs?  The Jungle Book is actually pretty racists.  And and I though you were talking about CELINE Dion, I didn't hear you say Selina.  Yeah yeah, biddy-biddy bom-bom, I remember that one. 

Do I remember listening to E.L.O that night? I think so.   

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