Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Soldier Jane

My photography professor has been out of order for almost two weeks now.  If I were any other punk-ass student I'd be happy...but it makes everyone upset that he has been so sick.  He is one of those professors that feels like your hippy uncle.  I certainly miss going to class seeing as how I pretty much have nothing else to do (well, I COULD be working on my projects...but the severe lack of a D-SLR is my excuse).  

A few fun factoids about me/my life

1.  I can't touch raw chicken. Its diseased.
2. My Alternative Processing professor looks like Bret McKinzey from Flight of the Concords
3.  People say my boyfriend looks a bit like Jemain from Flight of the Concords.  So, between my professor and boyfriend I have almost the entire cast playing out their lives before me.
4.  I probably own about 50 pairs of shoe.  Half of which are brown leather boots.
5.  I never get angry with my friends in the hopes that they will never nail me for being a flake sometimes.
6.  I'm double jointed in my elbows and can vibrate my eyeballs.
7.  I can't remember people's name for shit, so I just make up names for them and continue to call them that well after they have corrected me. Actually, that is something my dad does. Guess I can't fight genetics.  
8.  This sweater feels like its made of dog hair...that is probably why I found it at the thrift store for 2 dollars.


a cat of impossible colour said...

I don't get angry with my friends either. They know too much. ;)

You look awesome. Love the scarf and belt. And am impressed that your boyfriend looks like Jemain. People usually prefer Brett, but Jemain's my favourite. :) My husband and I always feel smug that we knew them before they became famous ... well, I think the whole of New Zealand feels smug about that :P

mary said...

Haha, thats so cool. I love them both..but I am partial to Jemain...I tend to go for manlier looking men. My mother would be jealous, she is obsessed with both of them.