Friday, October 31, 2008

Alone at work

John took this photo of be before the portrait session in a park near his vanilla house.

As this is being type, I am sitting here alone in my boss's kitchen preparing to edit a photo-session we completed yesterday evening. Its just me, three grey hounds and a bowl full of pretzel sticks. I am resisting every urge to bust into his pantry and steal from the bag of fun-sized Halloween candies that he has been slowly working through. Yes, my life is THAT glamorous. Jealous?

Dear God its Halloween! Im confident that the night will provide me with plenty of interesting events and fun. Not sure if my costume is really up to par, but it is too late to back out now. The wig isn't quite right...ah well, everyone will be too drunk to really care.

Last Wednesday I went with Tatiana to get a black-and-white portrait of Salvidor Dali tattooed on her inner arm. She held my hand as the artists drilled the ink just below her armpit. She squirmed in her chair, yet managed to get through the ordeal dry-eyed. Braver than I for sure.

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