Friday, June 27, 2008

Baby, I'm your honey bee

I am noticing a trend in my wardrobe: black, white and yellow.  My inner-honey bee is screaming for release.  The dress was found at the local thrift store for three bucks. Actually, I already own a similar dress, but I have the tendency to be attracted to items that I already posses.  Doesn't matter, this dress is better than the other anyhow.  

On a side note, my mother has become increasingly interested in indie music. Just today she asked me if I have heard of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.  Awwww mommy, of course I have! Recently I turned her on to Fleet Foxes and suggested some Rosebuds.  Although, I must be careful.  After introducing her to Flight of The Concords she has turned into a complete fangirl.  


Anonymous said...

Oooh suits you so well - you're figure is really great!

Morgan said...

Hey! I just arrived in Texas and think I'm closer to you than I originally thought. We're actually living in Keller.