Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Music for 15 year old girls to be kissed by.

Sometimes I just need that unapologetically self indulgent music that makes me feel like a boy-crazy teenager.  Its funny, considering I never really went through that phase. I guess I get to experience it through the filter of a 23 year old who has a soft spot for sappy music.
listen for yourself

Reading and listening to Leonard Cohen makes me aware that I can never experience nor articulate emotion on comparable level.  In fact, his work highlights a certain emptiness that all who are not Leonard Cohen exhibit.  

This evening a beautiful storm blew into town; lighting creeping through the grey clouds and silent thunder. Made me realize how much I missed weather. Living further to the coast, I would experience some of the most wonderfully fierce thunderstorms. I would relish those dark mornings and wake-up to the subtle pitter-patter of rain on the trees outside my bedroom.  Sometimes this constant sunshine feels like one long, hot, day that drudges on all summer. A little variety would be greatly appreciated. 

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