Friday, June 13, 2008

Wolves balls

I know. The shirt is hideous (hideously righteous).  My boyfriend hates this shirt...and rightfully so...he just laughs at me and calls me silly.  I wear this outfit at the risk of looking like a dirty hipster; but I have been lusting for a horrible wolf shirt for some time now.  Preferably one with lighting in the background...or perhaps a wizard.  

Today I received this wonderful little pair of pearly, cat-eye frames.  Unfortunately they are slighting warped, but I suppose that comes with the territory when buying vintage frames.  Eventually I plan to have my prescription lenses put in them.

Today my sister and I are awaiting the arrival of our parents.  My tiny one-bedroom apartment is about to be bombarded with the hyper-tensive energy of my father and the girly gleefulness of my mother.  Now in the meantime, my sister and I need to find something to preoccupy ourselves with.  


Anonymous said...

I totally adore your pants - and the glasses!

Kristina Marie said...

you look so 80s! haha
i love those jeans on you though, you somehow make them subtle.

aaaanyway, i was about to say "what the f missy? why didnt you tell me you started a blog???"
buuut then I saw your first entry was June nevermind.
that just makes me feel like i live in a bloggers world that i knew it popped up so fast!

(saw you/the blog link on bits and bobbins. yay you!)