Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Crowd mentality

What is it exactly that makes people want to act like total assholes? I don't venture into Dallas very often, so last night's trip to see Ratatat preform was a special occasion. Unfortunately the concert was spoiled by an ill-mannered crowed who thought it was completely appropriate to shove in front of Tatiana and I. All the while, some girls behind us were trying punch each other in the back of the head. Tatiana felt it appropriate to separate the two cats. As I looked around myself, I noticed that almost everyone had those incriminating black ex's marked on their hands...figures...damn kids.

ANYWAYS, today is a new day. Im not the one to let other people and past events effect my tomorrows. TIme for daily outfit post! Yay! I think I may be dressed a little too warm for today...ah well...Im feeling a little granny chic anyhow. The dress is super comfortable, AND it had pockets! Score! The cardigan was also purchased at Target, and I know that Im going to wear it to the ground.


Anonymous said...

Great dress and I also adore the boots!

JeanPierre said...

I'm not the one who goes to a lot of shows, especially standing ones - maybe I'm reallt old fashioned, but I like sitting down when listening to music...or maybe I'M just ahead of time, anyways, when I do go to shows or festivals and have to stand up and confront rowdy crowds...I know it makes my experience at the show a lot less fun. Just at radiohead in Montreal, it was crazy jammed packed and I'm pretty sure I had someone feel up my bum...although that was kinda fun.