Monday, January 19, 2009

J'ai vingt-quatre ans.

Birthday parties are an interesting concept, especially for young adults such as myself. Around this time we harken back to our old birhtday parties from simpler times; times when a dinosaur-shaped cake or a room full of balloons was all we needed (and perhaps a "Little Mermaid" play-set). Some of us try to relive that care-free spirit of our younger days by dressing up as kitty cats and getting silly drunk on free alcohol while dancing to some Michael Jackson. I was fortunate enough to do just that AND get a birthday cake out of it all (although not dinosaur-shaped, but I can learn to forgive).

Its not that I am afraid that I am getting a little older, its just that 24 sounds awfully official. Well, Im excited really. There are going to be many drastic changes in my world. Graduation looms near on the horizon, all the while I am absorbing as much of this silly town that I can...because it will be a bittersweet goodbye. But then again, this is a transitional town. The kids here know that their stay here has an expiration date, and if they linger too long they will see that they will keep growing up while Denton forever celebrates its 21st birthday.


a cat of impossible colour said...

Happy birthday! :D

mary said...

Thank you :)

Cathy Voyage said...

Happy birthday! (even I'm too late!)

Ashford said...

ah I felt the same way about 24. I still call it deuce quattro to confuse the people.

straight up jankey - <3 it.