Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Long socks and tights combo is the "new thing". I can just feel it.  And who knew that open-toe boots would be so damned COOL looking?  I love how they make an outfit instantly look fresh and modern.

shirt--Urban Outfitters (boxing day sale!)
socks--Target...yes I know, its either Target or Urban Outfitters these days..
necklace--vintage mourning cameo that was regifted to me by my mother.
shoes--Steve Madden

Well, I am finally reunited with my tiny apartment back in Denton. Its always refreshing to come back to my little niche and see my few friends again.  Perhaps what excited me the most was having access to my closet again!  I have been living in a suitcase for about a month now, so the moment I got home I played dress-up in-between commercials while watching 24. Hopefully tonight will prove to be an evening of reunions and laughter...most likely with the company of booze.  

Speaking of friends, I have the best ones a girl could ask for.  My best buddy Brian bought me a domain name for Christmas, www.maryelam.com .  So, this means I have my very own website!  There isn't anything on it as of yet, but I will use it as a digital portfolio/contact info for my future career as a photographer.  Exciting!    


Kristina Marie said...

The colors in this picture are seriously gorgeous. miss ya mary!


Cathy Voyage said...

Aww, you look so great!

caroline said...

hey! your blog is super cute and i love your style! this outfit is so fun! i'm putting you in my faves!
happy new year!