Friday, January 23, 2009

There is a weight in my lungs

The past few days I have been feeling progressively worse and worse. If it wasn't enough that my teeth have been aching after my fillings, now when I wake in the morning it feels as if I hadn't slept at all. My lungs feel heavy and my throat feels...odd. Im so tired of chewing on aspirins that I had rather just be in discomfort for a few hours. A trip to the campus clinic is an option, other than I am convinced that most physicians really don't have a clue as to what is ailing us. Maybe that was a little too harsh...

At least getting sick has caused me to have some pretty fantastic dreams. A few nights ago I dreamed that my boyfriend and I were walking along the shoreline of a dark, mysterious ocean. As we looked over the water we saw an enormous manta ray leaping out of the black water. It kept beaching itself, so he and I had to rescue it. Then last night there was an impending doom for mankind. The world was about to face a great extinction, and there was little that we could do about it. Everyone walked about town, trying not to talk about the unavoidable truth.

Anyways, last night I paid eight bucks for a drink in Dallas. That was pretty much the end of the night; plans to go back into Denton and dance to some 80's music were abandoned.

Here is a picture of me wearing cat-ears


Maho said...

Happy birthday!!
The cat ears are adooooorable! And don't get me started on those librarian glasses, they're the cutest =P

As for your previous post about your upcoming graduation... This is my last year in college too, so I'm definitely feeling the pressure of not being a student anymore. The thought of not having any more "excuses" to get a real job in the field I've been studying (photography, like you) is pretty terrifying...

But anyway, we should feel lucky that we were able to go to school and finish something. Optimism isnt my cup of tea, though, so for me it's harder than I make it sound!

Sorry I rambled on!

mary said...

:) its very true. I have loved every second of my college experience, and I hope that I can move on to grander things.

Cathy Voyage said...

The ears look so funny!