Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fondu or Fondon't

Okay, I actually did put this outfit together with the intention of wearing it out to class...but, due to the incredible amount of wind that rips through this part of the state, I had to opt for something less wind-blewn-up-the-skirt prone. The dress is one piece, and was found at this amazing thrift store. While it looks vintage, it is actually from Forever 21. Whoever donated it didn't even wear it because the tags were still on. Score!

This weekend I invited my mother to come and stay with me for a bit. To keep in check with our regular tradition, we were sure to hit up all of our favorite antique stores and vintage boutiques. Thrifting with the moms is always the best. I love how we both flip our lids every time we find a pristine piece of Mid-Century Modern furniture or a fine set of high-ball cocktail glasses. Someday when I move out and start to nest for my future house, I am going to deck it out with as many Mod pieces that I can scavenge. She and I have been keeping our eyes open for a vintage Hi-Fi system. Oh, I remember seeing a Hi-Fi near a dumpster a few weeks ago while having a diner-party with some of my friends. I nearly cried when I saw it! Damn my car being too small and my already crowded apartment. Sigh, better luck next time I suppose.

Mommy bought me a fondu pot. It it totally silly that Im excited about throwing a fondu party?

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Cathy Voyage said...

You look great!
It's not silly throwing a fondue party - have a lot of fun with it!