Sunday, February 1, 2009


Its been a crushingly boring day.  Although, I can't complain too loudly considering that last night I spent my time with my friends, dressed in mu-mus while painting acorns (I'll explain later, with photos).  So, in the moments when Im not playing dress up in front of the mirror, I'm doing it for pretend on the internets.  For some reason my I cannot log into my old Polyvore account, so here is my new one with some fresh ensembles. 
The boots are defiantly the anchor of this outfit.  I have a similar pair in my closet and they are surprisingly versatile.  I think its that they are vaguely masculine, yet still manage to not look like clunky Doc Martins.  Plus, they can gritty up an outfit that may be a little too sweet.  Peacock feathers seem to be a popular trend this season...and why not?  They are luxurious with their jewel tones, yet are natural and not too garish.  Not to mention they're a cheap piece of flair;  instead of putting down a bucket-load of cash for some real jewels, just get yourself some fancy feathers...everyone wins...except the peacock.  

bad ass
bad ass - by Straight up Jankey on
This one is pretty much me on any Friday night.  Time for me to pick up the nasty habit of smoking those stupid little cigarettes while looking overdressed in some crappy Denton bar.  Im not sure how I feel about the whole flannel shirt fad coming back into style. Part of me buys into it (hell, I bought one at Goodwill the other day and made an outfit around it)  but the other half of me knows that I run the risk of looking like a dirty hipster.  

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Cathy Voyage said...

I love the first outfit!