Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Do the joy

Goldthwaite, Texas. Population 1801. It went up by 2 points for a couple days though. My best gal-pal and I took the scenic drive into the dead center of Texas to visit Jamè McCraw, an old friend of hers. Now, this wasn't your typical drive down the interstate highway through the copy-paste-copy-paste towns that now dominate the the Southern and Mid-West states. The little towns that we pasted through seemed as if they hadn't been touched by time or technology since the late 50's. No Wal-Mart, no Target, no Starbucks or Baskin Robins. Just some po-dunk ol' gas stations and greasy cafes. In other words it was great. Strange, though, to feel a bit like a foreigner in your own state.

At night the three of us hid behind Jamè's parent's shed to smoke and drink beers. While laying down on the concrete patch and staring at the vastness of the heavens, I felt as if I were suspended at the bottom of a great sphere and was looking out into space rather than laying flat and looking up. Try it next time. Be sure to play some Portishead and have a few drinks in your belly first.