Friday, November 20, 2009

I want! I want! I want!

Seems like this whole cut-out-leather bootie design is the trend. I know that I would find plenty of outfits to wear a pair of purple, suede swash-buckling high-heeled booties with.

These boot are great hybrid between something practical and something romantic without looking too frou-frou or too frumpy (not that I have anything against looking a little frou-frou). Ah! I really just love all of Steve Madden's shoes.

This grecian goddess dress looks as if its made of girly dreams and a sorbet. Just look at those little crystalline buttons down the front! This reminds me of a dress that I had borrowed from a neighbor girlfriend back when I was in the 5th grade. It was the same color, but had this sheer, angel-like sleeves. My sister and I would wear it around the house and jump off the edge of the sofa, hoping that the sleeves would sprout into real wings.

Oh my gewdness! How sweet is this little blue-eskimo princess coat? I have such an obsession with furry collars...they are so wonderfully luxurious. I have one kind of like this, but not in blue!

Man oh man, I stumpled upon a gold mine of a band today. I don't know why I havent heard of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero's sooner, but I cant get this song outta my head. I love how warm and down home the girls voice sounds. This song is approrpiately called "Home". It conjures up all the heartbreakingly wonderful memories of everyone I love back home. They are actually playing Monday night here in ol' Montreal! Sweet!

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Anonymous said...

That blue coat is luuuvley! I wonder if the buttons are the originals - cos they don't quite match the buckle of the belt. As long as the fur on the coat was faux, then I'd want it in a New York minute…hehe. ps. I really like the photography on your site esp. the Xmas tree!