Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hello Again

Ahh, well...this is embarrassing. On several occasions I have logged in, typed up a post and subsequently deleted it. I admit it's a problem of mine, that is, losing interest in my own hobbies. The giant lull in blog posts mainly came from a long stretch of winter blues. At the time I was not working nor going to school and I just didn't feel fit to talk about anything. The creative juices had frozen solid.

But things have changed for the better (mainly due to no longer being locked in the dungeon of winter). I'm five months into full-time French classes. It's crazy. I'm the only American in the entire school amongst every other nationality of the world. I get a strange mixture of attention from people practicing their English on me to serenading me with Justine Bieber. The entire experience is quite bizarre, but in a really positive way. Awkward moments seem to be the norm, so I feel right at home.

I don't know how much I can promise to this blog. Honestly I'm just busy and tired everyday. At times I feel a little silly coming here to post about my otherwise normal life. Though, if I were to approach posting in a blog as something completely profound and never done before, then I would just be fooling myself. In all of this running around, I just need to find a little time to reflect.

And here a picture of a cat sleeping.


Cat said...

That looks so much like my cat in my latest post :o
Check it out!!!

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TSFan said...

Blogging should be something you do for fun and relaxation. Blog when you feel like it.
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michalrider said...

hye.......lovely cat.

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Israel said...

Can't see the cat photos :(

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