Thursday, June 12, 2008

Airports are my second home.

I give one person away, but only to pick up another.  My sister arrives in Dallas today for our "family reunion tour '08".  Looking forward to seeing my LA sis again.  I haven't seen her since early February, and can't wait for her to be bored to tears in my little apartment.

On a completely different note: the hummus I made yesterday has too much garlic in it..yuck..yet I keep eating it. Dumb.

Todays outfit is a little more earthy than I usually go for.  I tend to gravitate towards more bold prints, and bright colors. The dress was purchased at Target. When I first bought it, I wasn't even convinced that I liked it...but all it needed was a little vest to cinch it in.  The boots were a GREAT find at my local thrift store.  I had been looking for a little pair of pixi boots for a while, and for three bucks they were a steal!  Got a bit of a 70's vibe going on today.  The quaff is extra spazzed today. Damn my hairstylists and his razor.  I look slightly unhinged in this picture.


yiqin; said...
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yiqin; said...

I love everything about the outfit! The boots are awesome & the color of the tights matches your dress so well!!!

Hahlee said...

i LOVE that outfit. it is so cute.

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm so glad I've "found" your blog. I love seeing you at wardrobe_remix! This look is so nice. Great match of dress and vest and the shoes look awesome.