Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Im still reeling a bit after this haircut.  I wanted my bangs back, but I dunno...not entirely convinced this do is for me.  Nevertheless Im tryin' to work with what I got.  I have been experimenting with pulling the sides back and exposing my cheeks. It seriously makes me feel nervous!  I have a particularly round face, and no cheekbones to speak Im just wondering if this look works for me.

Today has been a profoundly dull day.  I got up around 8, got dressed at about 9:30 then ventured out to buy cat food.  Yesterday I had to see my boyfriend off to the airport; he had been living with me for the past month-and-a-half.  His absence is quite go from 24 hr, face to face contact right back to chatting online..well..its hard.  But we will just soldier on like we have been doing for the past year or so.  

On a side note... to whomever reads this blog, please forgive the scarce material. Im working on it!


JeanPierre said...

Good luck keeping a steady blogging roll :-)

mary said...

I have a bad track record. Hopefully I wont get distracted :)