Wednesday, June 18, 2008

As airy as this outfit is, it is still too hot.  No amount of nakedness could save you from today's heat.  My sister and I ventured out to town for a drinky and a plate of fried mushrooms.  Later, we went down to the creek to take a few pictures, like we did in the old days.  Im just in love with this ruffle skirt...its wonderfully girly and perfect for the heat. Once again, the thrifted pumps give me the perfect punch of red.  The bow was purchased at an antique shop.  Im surprised at how well it sits on the head without any kind of support. Neat-o!

JoEllen always manages to look so ethereal.  The creek was lined with enormous cypress trees along the water's edge.  Surely those trees have been there for hundreds and hundreds of years. I wish I could of spent my entire childhood here.


Anonymous said...

I adore your look :). And the pictures are lovely.

Morgan said...

Oh Mary how I love thee- first for the Texas shopping advice, and second, I just discovered Polyvore on your blog.... it is amazing!


Snackgeneration said...

I love the red shoes! 50's rules!