Friday, June 20, 2008

missing phone chargers and pho

Today's outfit is about 90% vintage.  The top is a little polyester piece that my grandmother made.  There is actually a matching skirt, but it is sleeping in my mother's closet.  I think it would be too much print anyhow.  Not entirely sure how my well endowed grandmother was able to wear this feels a little snug even with my padded bra!  The glasses do look quite silly.  But, I have the deepest belief that one should infuse a bit of humor in one's wardrobe...besides, what is life worth living if we can't make fun of ourselves.  

My phone charger has gone mysteriously missing. It was one of those scenarios where you were JUST holding the object, then it just slipped into an unknown realm.  I hope its safe with all my missing sunglasses and left socks.  

Today I take my sister back to the airport; but before we go, she and I are going to meet up with a good friend for some Pho. Mmmmm huge bowls of Vietnamese noodle soup...

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Anonymous said...

I love the glasses :).