Friday, February 6, 2009


Nights like these make me realize how much I love being "the driver". All of my friends know that I am the one with the car. They can depend of me to pick them up and drop them off in time and in style. I love being that person. I never ask for gas money nor assume that the favor will be returned. All I need is the assurance that my friends are home safe, and have thoroughly enjoyed my music selection. In fact, that may just be it...I have to be in control of the music, thus no one else is allowed to drive me around.

why are other people's cats so much more adorable than my own? Do you think Mitzy will know that I have been cheating on her? I guess as long as i keep that food bowl full, she won't squeeze me for questioning.

Bachelorette parties are lame. I'll never have one.

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