Monday, May 25, 2009

H-town is go

If its one thing I openly abhor more than anything, its Houston.  Anyone who breathes those first few letters in my presence is met with a barrage of furrowed eyebrows and a scowling mouth.  I am completely aware that my disdain for the city is largely unfounded and due to a lack of exploration of it (but I also think I have legitimate reasons, too).  So, when my good friend Collete asks me if I want to go to Houston for the weekend to visit a gallery that is displaying our professor's latest collection, I said "yes" with the enthusiasm of someone being asked to attend a funeral, or graduation ceremony, or some other social function that elicits a stinky reaction.  

Well, this time around Houston showed me her better side; a side that I have been vaguely aware of but too much of a damned snob to actually enjoy.  We first landed at my parent's home in the evening where she and I enjoyed some mommy-made cocktails and home cooked hamburgers delicious enough to make you want to end your life because you know you will never consume something of that quality ever again.  The next day Collete and I put on our best faces and headed up to the gallery space where our professor's work was waiting for us.  Of course, it was beautiful, delicate, fresh, innovative, and inspiring as her work always is.  From what I have seen, the next "big thing" is lenticular imaging.  Think 3-D without the stupid glasses. Look it up.

The next stop was an amazing cluster of galleries all located under one, large, grey industrial building on the "hip" side of town down Montrose Blvd.  Each gallery had different artists and all were phenomenal. At the Anya Tish gallery we saw Maxim Wakultschik's "Closely Watched Trains" collection along with a few kitschy pieces by a Neva Mikulicz.  Her work consisted of highly detailed mixed-media drawings of kitschy, mid-century settings with a video aspect blended into the composition.  Fun stuff.

After a few hours of artistic perusal, it was time go get down to what she and I do best. Eat. Well no, that was later. SHOP!  Down Westheimer street is a high concentration of resale/vintage/funky-ass clothing boutiques.  Naturally Collete and I give ourselves up to the great god of vintage clothing and try on each and every item that we can wrap our sweaty fingers around.  Next time anyone is in H-town, I'd highly suggest The Leopard Lounge for an unsurpassed selection of vintage dresses. DO IT NOW.

The rest of the brief visit was dotted with dinner from Collete's family, numerous cups of coffee, pretending to hate Urban Outfitters, and dim sum.  Overall it was one of the best Houston experiences to date.  Next time I have to roll into town, maybe I'll be rolling my eyes a little less.


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