Thursday, May 21, 2009

A sea change

There is a sea change rising at my door. I hear its waves beating relentlessly against my house, telling me that it's all going to come down. Turning me around and upside down. Its going to spirit me away to a far off land. Its going to make me grow up and teach me all the lessons I have neglected to learn myself. What will happen to my world when I'm no longer there? Will my friends remember me? Or will I fade back into the ether, like a fleeting thought or like the feeling you get when you are trying to remember someone's name? I'm ready for it. I'm not ready for it. I'm ready. I'm not. I am. All these things I have collected during my stay in this temporary town are making me feel heavy. Eventually I'll have to shed the poundage and leave with only the things I really love (shoes).

Im going to California at the beginning of June. I know its short notice, and I feel like I might be squandering my time and money...but I don't know when I'll be able to go again to see my sister. We are both going to be monumentally busy during the rest of this year and a flight from Texas to California is far cheaper than from Montreal. Plus, I've had the taste of California in my mouth for some time now. I fear that if I don't take this opportunity while I still can, I might miss out on reconnecting with the best friend I'll ever have.  

Secret plans. Wheels in motion. 

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